A Call for Ivy+ Libraries to Divest from Police and Prisons and Invest in Life-Giving Resources

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30 min readOct 28, 2020
A hand presses down on a stopwatch and cut and paste text reads, “Now is the time for libraries to divest from police!!”
A page from No Cops in Libraries Zine

Remember to imagine and craft the worlds you cannot live without, just as you dismantle the ones you cannot live within. — Ruha Benjamin

In early June, in the wake of the murders of George Floyd in Minnesota, Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, and Breonna Taylor in Kentucky, library organizations and directors issued statements condemning racism and racial violence. A statement from the Association of Research Libraries implored that “[i]t is incumbent upon leaders of libraries and archives to examine our institutions’ role in sustaining systems of inequity that have left Black communities and other people of color in the margins of every aspect of our profession.” From such statements, meaningful actions have taken place in order to create positive change, and we applaud and support these. However, we believe libraries have not gone far enough in this examination by refusing to fully consider our relationships with policing, surveillance, and the prison–industrial complex. These library statements do not explicitly name policing itself as the problem — an expression and exacerbation of racial capitalism and violence — despite it being a very real and dire existential threat to Black, Indigenous, and other people of color (BIPOC), as well as those in the LGBTQIA+ community. Therefore, we find these statements morally and politically insufficient responses. Without naming the specific problem of policing, these statements not only let libraries off the hook for the many ways in which we have internalized the practices of the carceral state in our profession, but also leave the door open for “both sides’’ arguments or appeals to “law and order,” and encourage dangerous and ineffective reforms. The solution to police violence is not reform but an abolition of policing in all its forms. Therefore, we call on the leadership of our institutions and all of our colleagues to embrace an abolitionist vision of a hopeful, life-affirming future and to immediately begin the work of divesting from police and prisons with the ultimate goal of the complete abolition of law enforcement and surveillance from library spaces, campuses, communities — in short, everywhere.

1. Support Existing Student, Staff, Faculty, and Community Petitions & Movements

We stand in solidarity with demands for campus police abolition and divestment put forth by local student, staff, faculty, and community groups from across our collective institutions. These include, but are not limited to, the following demands: sever all relationships — formal and informal — with local police departments as demanded by student and community activist groups at Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University, University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Chicago; make publicly available all campus police budgets, spending, and data as demanded by student and community activist groups at Cornell University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Chicago; disarm, defund, and disband campus police as demanded by student and community activist groups at Cornell University, Harvard University, Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University; halt all efforts to create private campus police forces as demanded by student and community activist groups at Johns Hopkins University; and make reparations to those harmed by both campus policing and university policies rooted in gentrification and displacement (i.e. eminent domain), as demanded by student and community activist groups at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago. We demand that our university and college libraries formally endorse these demands and stand in support with these groups towards a police-free future.

2. Make Transparent Current Police & Police-Like Activities

In order to support calls for defunding the police and for re-investing in life-giving resources, we first need transparency at all levels of our institutions around existing law enforcement budgets, investments, and activities. We demand that library leadership join us in asking our universities to release the budgets of their private police forces as well as any funding dedicated to local, state, federal, and off-duty law enforcement agencies. We also demand that library leadership at each institution release a full report on the roles that any and all law enforcement agencies play in library spaces and policies, including the library’s own security practices and policies, such as incident-reporting and video surveillance. We demand that libraries facilitate and demonstrate transparency in our institutional endowment investments in the prison–industrial complex. In order to build and sustain transformative justice practices that align with the core ethical tenets of librarianship — centering the care, privacy, and thriving of library patrons and staff — we seek increased autonomy from and the eventual abolition of policing in library spaces.

3. Join, Build, & Sustain A World Without Policing

Many people will acknowledge the harm done by police and law enforcement but question the safety implications of defunding and divesting from policing on campus. But reporting from police forces shows that law enforcement and surveillance do not keep campuses safe. As Black organizers across the country have been declaring in the streets, “We keep us safe.” Therefore, we demand that library leadership remove any reliance on law enforcement as a means of addressing conflicts that arise in all library spaces by 2022. Every library should be empowered to develop approaches responsible to its community — there is no one size fits all approach to de-escalation and transformative justice — though these approaches must be trauma-informed and must not involve police and punishment. The good news is that each of our communities already have groups on and off campus (see “Abolition Resources” below) doing the hard work of building a culture of accountability and care. We demand that library leadership work with these community groups to create library policies that draw on restorative justice and harm reduction frameworks. These policies must address both interactions with patrons and interactions between staff, who are also harmed by policing and surveillance.

4. Confront the Connection Between Policing & Anti-Blackness

Abolition of police and prisons is intimately tied to and inseparable from the Movement for Black Lives. If, as our institutions have repeatedly and rightly stated, Black Lives Matter, then our institutions need both to understand and dismantle the white supremacist practices that perpetuate and exacerbate anti-Blackness in America. Therefore, we demand that any work related to “diversity and inclusion” center an abolitionist praxis that admits to and confronts the structural existence and effects of racial capitalism and anti-Black, state-sponsored violence both within and beyond our institutions. Policing in America was founded in slave patrols, settler colonial violence, and the protection of property, and these remain the ever-expanding and hyper-funded legacies and practices of so-called modern policing, which has shaped our schools, libraries, hospitals, and many other should-be life-giving spaces and institutions. Without confronting this history and reality, without actively undoing while building and funding permanent and sustainable futures based in abolitionist praxis and community cooperation, librarianship as a profession and our institutions will remain complicit in a culture of surveillance and violence against BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ lives.

5. Divest Library Resources from Police & Invest in Our Communities

We demand that our libraries immediately divest from all financial, material, and intellectual support for policing and law enforcement, including ending current practices such as actively collecting police records in archives, using or cooperating with law enforcement as part of library security practices and policies, hiring of law enforcement for special events, collaborating with campus police in library outreach activities, allocating staff time and collection budgets in support of police programs, and any other activities that support law enforcement. We demand that library leadership interrogate the police-to-public safety pipeline, as evident in university practices of recruiting for library positions from law enforcement agencies. Furthermore, we demand that this divestment be followed by a reinvestment in BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ students and local communities, trauma-informed mental health services, and resources for building and sustaining transformative justice practices within and beyond our libraries in collaboration with campus and surrounding communities. We demand that all collection development — from the stacks to special collections — center an abolitionist praxis of care and community responsibility that enables all library workers and patrons to participate in the memory work necessary for confronting systems of oppression and building a better world.

6. Ban Surveillance Technologies in Library Spaces

As an institution, the library prides itself on its commitment to privacy and safeguarding intellectual freedom, while simultaneously surveilling its patrons and staff. We demand that libraries address this disconnect by working toward banning surveillance technologies in library spaces. We demand that libraries immediately make transparent to patrons all instances of surveillance, reduce surveillance technology, and eliminate any access or stewardship that police may have over surveillance records without a warrant. We must develop and enact policies that protect patron and staff privacy, and we must eliminate any policies that police or profile our users. We also call for the refusal of data practices that aid or precipitate the policing, surveillance, or tracking of our patrons and staff. We demand the development of data policies and practices that draw on feminist and decolonial praxis. We demand the ultimate refusal of any use of police technologies, surveillance technologies, and data practices that cause harm.

7. Divest from Companies that Use Prison Labor

Along with divestment from policing and law enforcement, we demand that our libraries advocate for divestment from the broader prison–industrial complex. Libraries should facilitate information sharing and assessment of our universities’ endowment investments in private prisons as a first step toward divestment. These investments are often obfuscated and difficult to identify and assess, and our libraries should partner with student-led and other campus divestment movements. Additionally, we demand that library administrators specifically disallow library projects from using prison labor programs and institute library procurement policies that prohibit purchases from such programs or vendors relying on them by 2022. Library leadership should also assess and end our institutional reliance on web-based vendor services that rely on prison investment and the labor of incarcerated people.


We recognize that librarianship, an overwhelmingly white profession, has systematically marginalized BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and librarians with disabilities. The conceptualization of our demands would not be possible without the labor and leadership of these very librarians, theorists, activists, and communities. We also recognize the privilege and power held by Ivy+ and other major research libraries, and thus, it is imperative that we use our privilege to speak out against library practices that cause harm. We build from and stand in solidarity with abolitionist movements happening in all library spaces. We believe in order to fully embody the ethics of librarianship it is necessary to align with the practices and aims of abolition. We hope many more voices will join us in signing onto these demands and in this bold and beautiful work of dreaming, demanding, and being in a better world. Reckoning with our own histories of and complicity in white supremacy and anti-Black racism is in the best interest not only of our institutions and patrons but our profession at large. Libraries are not neutral, nor should they be silent — but we’ve heard, seen, and spoken enough — solidarity is not found in statements, but in actions, and the time to act is now.


  • Rachel Appel, Digital Preservation Librarian, University of Pennsylvania Libraries
  • Alison Clemens, Head of Processing, Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library
  • Jim DelRosso, Interim Assistant Director, Catherwood Library, Cornell University Library
  • Reanna Esmail, Outreach and Engagement Librarian, Cornell University Library
  • Becca Greenstein, STEM Librarian, Northwestern University Libraries
  • Tobi Hines, Head of Operations & Outreach, Mann Library, Cornell University Library
  • Josh Honn, English & Digital Humanities Librarian, Northwestern University Libraries
  • Michelle Janowiecki, Digital Content Metadata Specialist, Johns Hopkins University, Sheridan Libraries
  • Amanpreet Kaur, Community Health & Engineering Librarian, University of Pennsylvania Libraries and Associate Fellow, Center for Public Health Initiatives
  • Anne K. Knafl, Bibliographer for Religion, Philosophy, and Jewish Studies, The University of Chicago Library
  • Allison Seyler, Hopkins Retrospective Program Manager, Johns Hopkins University, Sheridan Libraries
  • Martha Tenney, Director, Barnard Archives and Special Collections, Barnard College
  • Alex Whelan, Time Based Media Metadata Librarian, Columbia University

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Abolition Resources

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  1. Abolitionist Library Association
  2. Libraries For All STL
  3. Reparations at UChicago Working Group
  4. Garland Sit-in and Occupation, Johns Hopkins University
  5. University of Chicago Labor Council
  6. Cop Free Library, New York City
  7. Care Not Cops, University of Chicago
  8. Archives for Black Lives in Philadelphia
  9. Library Activist Network at UChicago
  10. Black Students for Disarmament at Yale
  11. Sheridan Abolitionist Allies
  12. Scholars for Social Justice
  13. MoreThanDiversity Campaign, University of Chicago
  14. Concerned Archivists Alliance
  15. Northwestern Sketch Television (NSTV), Northwestern University
  16. Prison Library Support Network, New York City
  17. Antifascist Library Network
  18. Erik Born, Assistant Professor, Department of German Studies, Cornell University
  19. Anonymous, Journalism and History Undergraduate Student, Northwestern University
  20. Danny Vesurai, Undergraduate Student, Northwestern University
  21. Asli Menevse, PhD Candidate, Cornell University
  22. Chris Walker, Alumni, Skidmore College
  23. Isaac Ginsberg Miller, PhD Candidate, African American Studies, Northwestern University
  24. Zee Hinz, Student, University of Maryland iSchool
  25. Anonymous, Student
  26. Esrea Perez-Bill, ISGMH, Northwestern University
  27. Anonymous, Student, Columbia College
  28. Christina Im, Undergraduate Student, Princeton University
  29. Clare Michaud, UW-Madison
  30. Tisha Mentnech, North Carolina State University, NC State University Libraries
  31. Matthew Farrell, Digital Records Archivist and Digital Preservation Officer, Duke University Libraries
  32. Jamie Carlstone, Authority Metadata Librarian, Northwestern University
  33. Anonymous, Librarian, Bellwood Public Library
  34. Anonymous, Student, Lewis and Clark College
  35. Michael Perry, Northwestern University
  36. Camille Andrews, Emerging Literacies Librarian, Mann Library, Cornell University Library
  37. Mariah McGregor, Northwestern University Libraries
  38. Heather Furnas, Librarian for History, Africana Studies, and History of Science & Technology The Sheridan Libraries and Museums, Johns Hopkins University
  39. Eamon Tewell, Columbia University Libraries
  40. Ally Reith Learning, Sciences PhD Student & NSF-NRT IDEAS Fellow, Northwestern University
  41. Elaine Millas, Alum, Goucher College
  42. Mike van der Naald, PhD student, Physics, University of Chicago
  43. Shannon O’Neill, Curator for Tamiment-Wagner Collections, NYU
  44. Anonymous, Librarian, Columbia University
  45. Anonymous, Alum, Yale College
  46. Melissa Villa-Nicholas, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, University of Rhode Island
  47. Samantha Kannegiser, Librarian, Rutgers University-Camden
  48. Courtney Dean, Head, Center for Primary Research and Training, UCLA Library
  49. Mariah Butts, Alumnus, Queens College
  50. Erin Cline, Library User
  51. Anonymous, Student, South Hadley High School
  52. Andrea Copland, Outreach & Instruction Librarian, The Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University
  53. Miriam Gonzales, Graduate Instructor, Penn State
  54. Anonymous, Student, Howard University
  55. Anonymous, MLIS Student, Pratt Institute
  56. Andrea Adomako, PhD Candidate, African American Studies, Northwestern University
  57. Anonymous, Library User
  58. Anonymous, Student, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University
  59. Anonymous, Librarian, University of Chicago
  60. Caitlin DiMartino, PhD Candidate, Northwestern University
  61. Kristen Diehl Processing Archivist, Sheridan Libraries, Johns Hopkins University
  62. Anonymous, Student, Northwestern University
  63. Anonymous, Student, Duke University
  64. Liz Hamilton, Copyright Librarian, Northwestern University Libraries
  65. Violet Fox, Unaffiliated
  66. Sara Lewis, Alumnus, The University of Texas, Student, University of North Texas
  67. Los Angeles Archivists Collective
  68. Tod Robbins, Alumni, University of Washington iSchool
  69. Sam Buechler, Washington State University-Vancouver
  70. Dana Lurie, Student, Northwestern University
  71. Anonymous, Library & Archives Paraprofessional & MLIS Student
  72. Zoë Nissen, University of Southern California Digital Library
  73. Alice May, Student, University of Chicago
  74. Imeña Valdes, Graduate Student, Northwestern University
  75. Nicole Zeller, Alumna, Tufts University
  76. Anton Ford, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Chicago
  77. Nicole, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  78. Abby Garnett, Brooklyn Public Library
  79. Megan Riley, MLIS and PhD Student and Library Worker, UCLA
  80. Kelsey Cheshire, Virginia Commonwealth University
  81. Kaylee Davis, Alumni
  82. Jennifer Young, Metadata Coordinator, Northwestern University Libraries
  83. Iris A. Barreto, Access and Reserves Supervisor, Columbia University
  84. Jenna Freedman, Curator, Barnard Zine Library
  85. Chris Davidson, Campus & Community Engagement Librarian, Northwestern University
  86. Mark A. Matienzo, Assistant Director for Digital Strategy and Access, Stanford University Libraries
  87. Micah Hoggatt, Reference Librarian, Houghton Library, Harvard University
  88. Anne Marie Sticksel, Staff, Northwestern University Libraries, Academic Engagement
  89. Hal Schrieve, Public Librarian, NYPL
  90. Ji-Yeon Yuh, Associate Professor of History, Northwestern University
  91. Tami Garrard, Access Services Manager, University of Washington Bothell & Cascadia College Campus Library
  92. Kit Andres, Student, Library Technician, Mohawk College
  93. Natalie Kelsey, Public Services Assistant, Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University
  94. Leora Auslander, Professor, History, University of Chicago
  95. Denis Hirschfeldt, Professor of Mathematics, University of Chicago
  96. Anonymous, Student, University of Chicago
  97. Elizabeth Parker, Technical Services Archivist, Kheel Center, Cornell University
  98. Jo Becker, RA MA University administration
  99. jaime ding, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  100. Marcia Rapchak, Teaching Assistant Professor, Information Culture and Data Stewardship, University of Pittsburgh
  101. Andrew Goldman, IT Support Provider, Cornell University Library
  102. Talya Cooper, Alumna, Barnard College
  103. Leah Feldman, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Chicago
  104. Eisha Neely, Cornell University Library
  105. Jennifer Colt, Automation & Metadata Systems, Cornell University Library
  106. Nikki McDaid-Morgan, PhD student, Learning Sciences, Northwestern University
  107. Christian J. Miller, ILR Research and Instruction Librarian, Catherwood Library, Cornell University
  108. Ryan Cecil Jobson, Neubauer Family Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, The University of Chicago
  109. Jason Bowen, Columbia University undergraduate
  110. Jack Reed, Software Engineer, Stanford Libraries
  111. Ariel Vallotton, George Washington University, Alumni
  112. Alireza Doostdar, Assistant Professor, Divinity School, University of Chicago
  113. Carol Fisher, Washington State University — Vancouver
  114. Stephan Palmie, University of Chicago, Professor of Anthropology
  115. Anonymous, Staff member, Stanford University
  116. Doug Kiel, Assistant Professor, History & Kaplan Institute for the Humanities, Northwestern University
  117. Becky Yoose, Former academic librarian; LDH Consulting Services
  118. Anna Zalokostas, PhD candidate, English
  119. Paul Williams, Graduate Worker, Northwestern University, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  120. Mia Shaw, University of Pennsylvania
  121. Micere Keels, Associate Professor, Dept. of Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago
  122. Chris Taylor, Associate Professor, English, University of Chicago
  123. Reed Garber-Pearson, University of Washington Libraries
  124. Kathryn Patrick, Mount Holyoke College Alumnae
  125. Katherine Deibel, Inclusion & Accessibility Librarian, Syracuse University Libraries
  126. Anonymous, Student, Simmons University, Glendale Public Library
  127. Elizabeth England, Former Johns Hopkins University Libraries worker
  128. Sadie Roosa, Collection Strategist for Repository Services, MIT Libraries
  129. Syd González, PhD Student, Department of Anthropology, Northwestern University
  130. Jo Wang, Alum, Cornell University
  131. Molly Des Jardin, Staff, University of Pennsylvania (formerly Penn Libraries)
  132. Seph Mozes, Student, University of Chicago
  133. Oliver Whong, Student, Goucher College
  134. Suzanne Doogan, School of Education Alum, Johns Hopkins University
  135. Anonymous, Student, University of Illinois
  136. Ryan McCrory, Historian and Librarian
  137. Kat Wyly, Graduate Student Worker, University of Washington iSchool and University of Washington Libraries
  138. Sara Powell, Houghton Library, Harvard University
  139. Sarah Wade, Getty Research Institute
  140. Charlotte Kostelic, Columbia University Libraries
  141. Dorothy Berry, Digital Collections Program Manager, Houghton Library, Harvard University
  142. Anand Venkatkrishnan, Assistant Professor, Divinity School, University of Chicago
  143. Jeremy Abbott, Alum, Northwestern University, MLIS and PhD Student, Information Studies, UCLA
  144. Anonymous, Staff, Onondaga County Public Library
  145. Anonymous, Student, University of Connecticut
  146. Eve L. Ewing, Assistant Professor, University of Chicago
  147. Erika Wigren, MLIS, University of Washington
  148. Beatriz O. Reyes, Assistant Professor of Instruction, Global Health Studies, CNAIR Affiliate, Northwestern University
  149. Kelly McElroy, Oregon State University Libraries
  150. Anonymous, Alum, NC State University
  151. Rachel Ivy Clarke, Assistant Professor, Syracuse University School of Information Studies
  152. Kelly Wisecup, English & Center for Native American and Indigenous Research, Northwestern University
  153. Helen Tilley, Associate Professor, History Dept, Northwestern University
  154. Chelcie Juliet Rowell, Head of Digital Scholarship, Tisch Library, Tufts University
  155. Daniel Moerner, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Chicago
  156. Shannon Robinson, University of Pennsylvania
  157. Kitty Yang, Alumna, Northwestern University
  158. Cheryl May, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  159. Katie Elson, Anderson Reference & Instruction Librarian, Paul Robeson Library, Rutgers University Libraries
  160. Sarah Peko-Spicer, Graduate Student & Library User, Statistics, Northwestern University
  161. C. Riley Snorton, Professor, English & Gender and Sexuality, University of Chicago
  162. Maura Smale, Chief Librarian, NYC College of Technology, City University of New York, Alumna, University of Chicago
  163. Anissa Rahadi, Graduate Student, Cornell University
  164. Elynnor Sandefer, Student, Northwestern University
  165. Christine Slaughter, Social Science Research Librarian, University of Virginia
  166. Kaneisha Gaston Arhin, Columbia University Libraries
  167. Laura Sherriff, Access Services Librarian, Harvard Library
  168. Eleanor Franklin, Johns Hopkins University
  169. Danielle Roper, Neubauer Family Assistant Professor, Romance Languages, University of Chicago
  170. Erin Elzi, University of Denver Libraries
  171. Anonymous, Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago
  172. Sarah Zuniga, MDiv Student, The University of Chicago Divinity School
  173. Anonymous, Librarian
  174. Grace Wilson, Librarian, James Madison University
  175. Kelly Bolding, Project Archivist, Princeton University
  176. Hanif Abdurraqib
  177. Beatrice Waterhouse, Student, UC San Diego
  178. Anonymous, Staff, University of Chicago
  179. Zeyn Joukhadar
  180. Jen Wilson, Library Worker
  181. Lynda Kellam, Cornell University
  182. Anonymous, Library User, Sister of Brooklyn Public Library
  183. Caitlin Rizzo, Head of Collection Services, Eberly Family Special Collections, Pennsylvania State University
  184. Anonymous, St. Petersburg College
  185. Elaina Vitale, Research and Education Librarian, Dartmouth College
  186. Anonymous, Staff, Texas Christian University
  187. Daniel Owings, PhD Candidate, The University of Chicago Divinity School
  188. Beka Bryer, PhD Candidate, Theatre and Drama, Northwestern University
  189. Ana Rosado, History PhD Candidate, Northwestern University
  190. Ani Chen, PhD Candidate, Cornell University
  191. Anonymous, Student, Northwestern University
  192. Caroline Hartman, MLIS student, Queens College
  193. Stephen Dowling, Northwestern University
  194. Sandy Rodriguez, Associate Dean of Special Collections & Archives, University of Missouri — Kansas City
  195. Anonymous, Librarian, Penn State University Libraries
  196. John Ladd, Postdoc in Digital Humanities, Northwestern University
  197. Michael Ashkin, Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Art, Cornell University
  198. Matthew Kilbane, Cornell University, Lecturer, Department of Literatures in English
  199. Adrienne Brown, Associate Professor, English, University of Chicago
  200. Marty Cain, English, Cornell University
  201. Jordan Campbell, Student and Researcher at the University of Central Oklahoma
  202. Ambuj Bhalla, Alumni
  203. Sean Hanretta, Associate Professor of History, Northwestern University
  204. Cat Coyle, Ph.D. student, Science and Technology Studies, Cornell University
  205. Anonymous, Staff Member, Dartmouth College
  206. Matthew Noe, Lead Collection & Knowledge Management Librarian, Countway Library, Harvard Medical School
  207. Jillana Enteen, Associate Professor of Instruction, Gender & Sexually Studies, Northwestern University
  208. Cassia Kisshauer, MTS Vanderbilt University, MSLIS Pratt Institute
  209. Abigail Sutter, Student, Northwestern University
  210. Lara Lookabaugh, PhD Candidate, University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill
  211. Hunter Feeley, Student, Northwestern University
  212. Natasha Raheja, Cornell University
  213. Athanasiou Geolas, Ph.D. Candidate, Cornell University
  214. Miriam Sweeney, Associate Professor, School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alabama
  215. Micki Burton, Northwestern University
  216. Kushan Ratnayake, Alum, Johns Hopkins University
  217. Joyce D’Aprile, Alumni
  218. Elizabeth Curtis, School of Education & Social Policy
  219. Anonymous, Librarian, Carnegie Mellon alum, University of Pittsburgh alum
  220. Alexander Balasko, Alumnus, Northwestern University
  221. Anonymous, Librarian, California State Library
  222. Kris Trujillo, Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature, University of Chicago
  223. Martin Abbott, Ph.D. candidate, Science and Technology Studies, Cornell University
  224. Alice Prael, Digital Archivist, Yale University Libraries
  225. Erin Hurley, User Services & Accessioning Archivist, University of California, San Francisco
  226. Lauren McDaniel, Archivist, Getty Research Institute
  227. Natalie C. LoRusso, Syracuse University Libraries
  228. Gabrielle Garcia, Alumni, Scripps College
  229. Henry Harriman, Library Information Commons Manger, Northwestern University
  230. Heather Diaz, Information Services Librarian, Forbes Library
  231. Gayle Schechter, Program Associate, CLIR/DLF
  232. Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara, Digital Scholarship Librarian and Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Boulder
  233. Margaret Janz, University of Pennsylvania Libraries
  234. Katie Carey, University Archivist, La Salle University
  235. Michael Sokol, MLIS student, UCLA
  236. Gina Petersen, Assessment Librarian, Northwestern University
  237. Gesina Phillips, Digital Scholarship Librarian, University of Pittsburgh
  238. Sarah Yardney, Alumna and Postdoc, The Divinity School, University of Chicago
  239. Matthew Haugen, Rare Book Cataloger, Columbia University Libraries
  240. Bianca Cifuentes, Library patron and information worker
  241. Anonymous, Student, Pratt Institute School of Information
  242. Charlie Macquarie, Digital Archivist, University of California, San Francisco
  243. Crystal Chen, The New York Public Library
  244. Daniella Pagan, Librarian, New York Public Library
  245. Olivia Liu, Northwestern University
  246. Sydni Meyer, alumnus, MSLIS student, Columbia University
  247. Ellen MacInnis, Children’s Librarian, NYPL
  248. Anonymous, Librarian, MLIS Alumni, UW-Madison
  249. Gail Steinhart, Open Scholarship Services Librarian, Cornell University Library
  250. Matthew Kibbee, Information Assistant, Mann Library, Cornell University
  251. Michelle Peralta, Resident Archivist for Yale Special Collections, Yale University
  252. Anonymous, Librarian
  253. Anonymous, Staff member, University of Chicago
  254. Sara Borden, Rowan University Archives and Special Collections
  255. Lauren Washuk, Library Information Associate, University of Arizona Libraries
  256. Morgan Boyle, New York Public Library
  257. Jess Farrell, Educopia Institute
  258. Rebecca Marten, Associate Director for Scholarly Communication and Collections, Gutman Library, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  259. Jacob Griffith-Rosenberger, Teaching Assistant, Information Culture and Data Stewardship, University of Pittsburgh
  260. Hassan Sayed, Graduate Student, Economics, Princeton University
  261. Dianne Weinthal, UCLA MLIS Alumna
  262. Jay L. Colbert, Metadata & Discovery Strategy Librarian, University of New Hampshire
  263. Sandhya Jha, University of Chicago alum, Johns Hopkins University alum
  264. Brandon Locke, Project Manager, Educopia Institute
  265. Annabel Carroll, UCLA GSEIS, alumni
  266. Emily Esten, University of Pennsylvania Libraries
  267. Michelle Nguyen, University of Texas at Austin
  268. Charlotte Rosen, PhD Candidate, History, Northwestern University
  269. Anonymous, Public Librarian
  270. Salman Safir, University of Chicago Divinity School
  271. Kimberly Springer, Oral History Archives at Columbia, Columbia University
  272. Vani Natarajan, Barnard College Library
  273. Erin Bogle, Public Librarian
  274. Elizabeth Edwards, University of Chicago Library
  275. Sierra Meszaros, MA Candidate, University of Chicago Divinity School
  276. Anonymous, Student, Emporia State University, Boise Public Library
  277. Anonymous, UIUC School of Information Science
  278. Cat Ly, PhD Student, Chemistry, Northwestern University
  279. Paul Fleming, Professor, German Studies and Comparative Literature, Cornell University
  280. Gabby Bray, Graduate Student Assistant, Wayne State University
  281. Lauren Collins, Student, Northwestern University
  282. Anonymous, Student, University of Washington
  283. Anonymous, Library User
  284. Ashley Ellis, Library User
  285. Warren Wagner, Student, University of Chicago
  286. Tatiana Bryant, Librarian, UC Irvine
  287. Francois Richard, Associate Professor, Anthropology, University of Chicago
  288. Anonymous, Assistant Librarian, Penn State University Libraries
  289. Celeste Brewer, Processing Archivist, Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University
  290. Anonymous, Librarian, Free Library of Philadelphia
  291. Rachel Searcy, Accessioning Archivist, New York University
  292. Griffin Jones, PhD Student, Princeton University
  293. Athanasiou Geolas, Ph.D. Candidate, Cornell University
  294. Laura E. Daniels (Wright), Assistant Director, Metadata Production; Cornell University Library
  295. Squirrel Walsh, Digital Imaging Technician, Princeton University
  296. Amanda Munson, Processing Archivist, Special Collections & University Archives, Wichita State University
  297. Andrea Howard, Archives Student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  298. Krista M. Oldham, Clemson University
  299. Megan McShea, Archivist, Baltimore, MD
  300. Miriam Gordis University of Oxford, alumna
  301. Natalia Cecire, University of Sussex (and Ivy+ alumna and former employee)
  302. Anonymous, Student, University of Toronto
  303. Leah Edelman, Outreach Archivist, Burke Library at Union Theological Seminary, Columbia University Libraries
  304. Sophia Azeb Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Chicago
  305. Anonymous, Librarian, New York University
  306. Abbie Levesque, PhD Candidate, Northeastern University English Department
  307. Michael Rush, Assistant Head of the Manuscript Unit, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University
  308. Anonymous, Library User and Alumni
  309. Irene Gates, Unaffiliated
  310. Anonymous, Public Librarian
  311. Susan Anderson Laquer, Archivist, Manuscripts Processing, American Philosophical Society
  312. Paige Sundstrom, Librarian, University of California, Santa Barbara
  313. Jennifer Coggins, Archivist for Collection Development, Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University
  314. Jeremy Brett, Texas A&M University
  315. Alydia Sims, Clemson University Libraries, Library Manager
  316. Wendy Hu, University of California, Irvine Alumni
  317. Bailey Hoffner, Metadata and Collections Management Archivist, Special Collections, University of Oklahoma Libraries
  318. Nada Abdelrahim, Graduate Student, UIUC iSchool
  319. Daniel Story, Digital Scholarship Librarian, UC Santa Cruz
  320. Deborah Green, University of Oregon
  321. Allison Chomet, Special Collections, NYU Libraries
  322. Erin Barsan, Alumni, Pratt Institute, School of Information
  323. Gregory Wiedeman, University at Albany, SUNY
  324. Jennie Rose Halperin, Alumna, Barnard College and Former Assistant Director for Outreach and Community Engagement, Harvard Law School Library
  325. Mar González Palacios, Associate Director, Arts Library Special Collections, Yale University
  326. Anonymous, Towson University
  327. Ted Quiballo, Northwestern University Libraries
  328. Esther Isaac, PhD Student, History, University of Chicago
  329. Leah Dodd, Librarian, Cornell University
  330. Amber King, Columbia University Libraries
  331. Robin Guthrie, Archives Specialist, CSU Monterey Bay
  332. Kate Simpson Moriarty, Rare Book Catalog Librarian, Saint Louis University Libraries
  333. Anonymous, Staff, New York University
  334. Anastasia Chiu, New York University
  335. Anonymous, Librarian, New York University Libraries
  336. Shoshana Deutsh, PhD Candidate, Cornell University
  337. Anonymous, MLIS Student, Simmons University
  338. Kae Bara Kratcha, Librarian, Columbia University Libraries
  339. Dylan McDonald, Archivist/Librarian, New Mexico State University
  340. Roxanne Dunn, Special Collections & Archives Librarian, Southeast Missouri State University
  341. s.o. O’Brien, NYU Operations Manager, NYU-TV Division of Libraries
  342. Danielle Rowland, University of Washington Bothell & Cascadia College
  343. Kai Parker, Assistant Professor, Religious Studies, University of Virginia
  344. Anonymous, Alum & Library User, Yale University
  345. Guy Emerson Mount, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Auburn University (UChicago PhD AM ‘18)
  346. Anonymous, Undergraduate Student, Northwestern University
  347. Anonymous, Librarian, Brown University
  348. Darlene Evans, Cornell University
  349. Alice Kim, University of Chicago, Director of Human Rights Practice
  350. Derrick R. Spires, Associate Professor, English, Cornell University
  351. Dan Molloy, University of California Los Angeles, MLIS 2020
  352. Anonymous, MLIS Student, University of Washington
  353. Mario Santana, Associate Professor, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Chicago
  354. Dr. Amanda Visconti, Managing Director, Scholars’ Lab, University of Virginia Library
  355. Sam Peters, Staff, Portland State University
  356. Julie Orlemanski, Associate Professor, English, University of Chicago
  357. Anonymous, New York University Abu Dhabi
  358. Shannon Simpson, Scholarly Instruction Librarian, Kenyon College
  359. Saida Hodzic, Anthropology and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Cornell University
  360. Micah Herskind, Alumni, Princeton University
  361. Emma Morris, Former Library Assistant, University of Chicago
  362. Nancy Spiegel, University of Chicago Library
  363. Anonymous, Librarian
  364. Selena Bryant, Cornell University
  365. Anonymous, Graduate Student, Museum Studies-Digital Curation, Johns Hopkins University
  366. Bobby Vanecko, Loyola University School of Law National Lawyers Guild chapter
  367. Bahar Orang, University of Toronto
  368. Faith Charlton, Lead Processing Archivist for Manuscripts Division Collections, Princeton University
  369. Aaron Schoenfeldt, Ph.D. Student
  370. Sara A. Howard, Librarian for Gender & Sexuality Studies and Student Engagement, Princeton University
  371. Anonymous, Student, SESP, Northwestern University
  372. Celia Caust-Ellenbogen, Archivist, Swarthmore College
  373. Margaret Huang, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Library & Archives
  374. Sarah Hamerman, Project Cataloging Specialist, Princeton University Library
  375. Anonymous, Librarian, Columbia University Libraries
  376. Michele Combs, Lead Archivist, Special Collections Research Center, Syracuse University Libraries
  377. Alexis Dhembe, Librarian, Lesley University
  378. Anonymous, Student, Northwestern University
  379. Sarah Levenstam, University of Chicago, Divinity School, PhD Student
  380. Shelby Schultz, Student, School of Communication, Northwestern University, Class of 2022
  381. Margaret Butler, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology, Northwestern University
  382. Anonymous, Library Staff, Cornell University
  383. Pablo Rodriguez, Undergraduate, Northwestern University
  384. Vicky Steeves, New York University
  385. Luke Fidler, Alum, Northwestern University
  386. Jenessa McElfresh, Clemson University
  387. Jen Woo, San Francisco Public Library
  388. Luz Badillo, UCLA MLIS Alumni
  389. Sara Katz, Kenyon College Alum
  390. Anonymous, Library User, Silver City Public Library
  391. Deborah Wertz
  392. Anonymous, Library User, School of Design
  393. Anonymous, Library User
  394. Edward M. Hubbard, Associate Professor, Educational Psychology and Neuroscience, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  395. Tim Duda, Michigan State University Alumni
  396. Jeff Klein, Oakland University, Central Michigan University, Michigan State University Alumni
  397. Edda Spielmann
  398. Kelsey Reid, AB ‘15
  399. Anonymous, Student
  400. Anonymous, Alumni
  401. Michael Tucker
  402. Dennis Trembly
  403. Anonymous, Library User
  404. Anonymous, Library User, HSU Alumni
  405. Leonard Tremmel
  406. Anonymous, Library User
  407. Jonathan Wilsnack, University of Northern Dakota
  408. Matthew Flannery, Independent
  409. Michael C. Dawson, Professor of Political Science, The University of Chicago
  410. Itamar Francez, Associate Prof., Linguistics
  411. Anonymous, Library User
  412. Anonymous, Library User, Denver Public Library
  413. Anonymous, Student, University of Chicago, Anthropology Department
  414. Arthur Schurr, Writer
  415. Anonymous, Library User
  416. Oliver Halperin, The College
  417. Todd Atkins
  418. Anonymous, Staff Member
  419. Alex Fierro-Clarke, Emerson College Alumnus
  420. Paige Harrison RN, West Virginia University
  421. Bonnie Burke, San Diego State University Alumna
  422. Anonymous, Library User, UCLA Alumni
  423. James Melloh, Indiana University, Case Western Reserve University, Indiana State Alumnus
  424. Blaise Brockman, Alumni
  425. Melissa Lawrence, Library User
  426. Christina Howard, University of Chicago, BA ’22 Public Policy and Sociology
  427. Anonymous, Library User, Elmira College
  428. Kristina Wolf, Library User
  429. charles myers
  430. Anna B. Gatdula, PhD Candidate, Music, University of Chicago
  431. Anonymous, Library User, Moorpark College
  432. Anonymous, Alum
  433. Anonymous, Alum & Library User, University of Nebraska
  434. Anonymous, Library User, Cuyahoga County Public Library
  435. Anonymous, Library User
  436. Heidi Johnson, Library Technician
  437. Edward Larkey, Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  438. Steven Black, Associate Professor Emeritus, Washburn University
  439. Anonymous, Library User, Molloy College, Hofstra Law School
  440. Anonymous, Library User, University of Dayton
  441. Anonymous, Alum
  442. Graciela Huth
  443. Gloria Cuádraz, Arizona State University
  444. Sean Solowiej, Film Production
  445. Anonymous, Library User
  446. Garry M. Doll, Alum, Temple University & Community College of Philadelphia
  447. Anonymous, Library User, NIU
  448. Anonymous, Student, Harvard University
  449. Anonymous, Alum, University of Chicago
  450. Anonymous, Archivist
  451. David Morris, Alumnus, UC Berkeley
  452. Mo Kafka, Alumni
  453. Anonymous, Archivist
  454. S Thompson, Library User
  455. Cynthia Edney, Alumni, University of Minnesota
  456. Anonymous, Library User, Northeastern Illinois University
  457. David Ball, Professor Emeritus, French and Comparative Literature, Smith College
  458. Anonymous, Alumni & Library User
  459. Y. J. Wu, Alum, University of Chicago
  460. Neville Bruce, Student
  461. Anonymous, Faculty, University of Dubuque
  462. John Lawson, Retired
  463. Bruce Lowrey, Retired (Local Government)
  464. Elaine Becker, Ohio University
  465. Anonymous, Library User
  466. Peter Gunther, Retired Archives Specialist, Non-Academic
  467. Anonymous, Professor Emeritus, IU Bloomington
  468. Anonymous, Librarian, UW
  469. Anonymous, Library User, Yale University
  470. Anonymous, Student, University of Chicago
  471. Lori Bryan, Fort Lewis College
  472. Lindy Smith, Head of LaBudde Special Collections, University of Missouri-Kansas City
  473. Anonymous, Library User, Retired RN
  474. Anonymous, Alumna, Duke University Graduate School
  475. James Keenan, Alumnus, Fordham University
  476. Anonymous, Student & Reader
  477. Anonymous, Student, University of Chicago
  478. G Douglas Ray
  479. Charles Abele, Alumnus, University of Illinois
  480. Maureen McCarthy, Retired Librarian, Town of Swampscott Library
  481. Anonymous, Alum, Alverno College
  482. Paul R. Blackburn
  483. Diane Pekarcik
  484. Ryan Olson, Researcher
  485. Anonymous, Librarian
  486. John Conner, Alumni, University of Tennessee
  487. James L. Weaver, Alumnus, Yale University and the University of Chicago
  488. Rick Luttmann, Mathematics and Statistics, Sonoma State University
  489. Anonymous, Library User and Adjunct Professor of Music
  490. Anonymous, Library User
  491. Karen Pedersen, Library Director, 1996–2014, Retired, Writers Guild Foundation
  492. Anonymous, Professor Emeritus
  493. daniel craig jensen, Dunwoody College of Technolog
  494. Niki H. Learn, Research Specialist, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University
  495. Anonymous, Library User
  496. Karen Colburn
  497. Anonymous, Library User
  498. Bridget Wyatt
  499. Anonymous, Library User
  500. Gary Thaler, Alum, Indiana University at South Bend
  501. Anonymous, Library User
  502. Gerry Milliken, Alum, University of Pennsylvania
  503. Anne Ruelle, University of Chicago
  504. Erif Thunen, Alumna
  505. Michelle Chong, Alumni University of Chicago
  506. Mark M Giesenone
  507. Michael Kast
  508. Barbara Seaman, Northern Virginia Community College
  509. Mary Bissell, Alumni
  510. Harold Adolph Meyer, Jr., Alumni, Brown University
  511. Sherrill Futrell, UC Berkeley
  512. Anonymous, Library User
  513. Sally Winchester, Alumna, University of Connecticut
  514. Rashid Patch, Library User
  515. Nicole Miller
  516. Robert Weingart, Alumnus, Indiana University and University of Utah, Former Associate Professor, Berklee College of Music
  517. Meghanne Barker, LSE Fellow, Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science
  518. Rev. Dr. Edward Kern, ACLU, PFAW, Pastor (ELCA)
  519. Stacey Gunderson, Alumni & MLIS, UW-Madison
  520. Holly Stuart, Alumni
  521. Noel Blanco Mourelle, Assistant Professor, Romance Languages & Literatures, University of Chicago
  522. Aida Marina, Alumni
  523. Rachel George, University of Chicago
  524. Paul Ghenoiu, Alumni
  525. Dara O’Donnell, Library User
  526. Anonymous, Library User
  527. Anonymous, Student, Sacramento City College
  528. Anonymous, Librarian (Retired)
  529. Anonymous, Alumni
  530. Anonymous, Library User
  531. Kenneth Matthew Douglas, Alumnia, Towson University
  532. Mark Stewart, Alumnia, University of Illinois-Chicago
  533. Art Hanson, Alumni, University of Minnesota, University of Missouri, and Louisiana State University
  534. Shalini Shankar, Professor of Anthropology and Asian American Studies, Northwestern University
  535. Eunsong Kim, Faculty, Northeastern University
  536. Alison M. Greenlee, Special Collections Metadata Librarian, Wayne State University
  537. Jonathan Tan, Library Staff, University of Michigan
  538. Chris Diaz, Northwestern University Libraries
  539. Anonymous, Library User
  540. Cory Slowik, Administrative Assistant, Northwestern University Libraries
  541. Anonymous, Lindenwood Universities
  542. Anonymous, Student, American studies & African American Studies, Yale University
  543. Lisa Lowe, Professor, Yale University
  544. Nicole Grigg, PhD Student, Anthropology, University of Chicago
  545. Michelle N. Huang, Northwestern University
  546. Diana Saavedra, Alum, Yale College
  547. Anonymous, Library User and Alumni
  548. Crystal Clements, University of Washington Libraries
  549. Dan Sabatinelli
  550. Anonymous, Library User
  551. Anonymous, Librarian, The University of Texas at Austin
  552. Katie Risseeuw, Northwestern University
  553. Anonymous, Student, Art History, University of Chicago
  554. Anonymous, Library User
  555. Anonymous, Alumni, San Francisco State University
  556. Anonymous, Library User, Denver Public Library
  557. Graciela Huth
  558. Aaeron Robb, Friend of Enoch Pratt Free Library
  559. Anonymous, Princeton University
  560. Dan DiLeva, Socialist Alternative
  561. Theodora Cunningham, Northwestern University
  562. Tom Strawman, Professor Emeritus, English, Middle Tennessee State University
  563. Rossy Natale, PhD candidate, University of Chicago
  564. Anonymous, Library User
  565. Anonymous, GLIS Graduate Student, Dominican University
  566. Allie Fry, MLIS Student, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  567. Vince Mendieta, Alumnus, University of Texas-San Antonio
  568. Anonymous, Alumni, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  569. Mary Zack, Alumni, Indiana University
  570. Sine Hwang Jensen, Librarian, UC Berkeley
  571. Ivan Albertson, Northwestern University Libraries
  572. Ken Gunther, Gaiadigmbooks.org
  573. Steven Kroeger, Bensonian Institute for Art Research
  574. CA Davis, Digital Storyteller, Media and Design Studio, Northwestern University
  575. Meghan Considine, Alumni, Northwestern University
  576. Haley Carter, PhD Student, Northwestern University, Alumna, Brown University
  577. Anonymous, Library User, Western Iowa Tech Community College
  578. Richard Schwager, Tutor
  579. Rebecca Bass, Columbia University, Access and Reserves Supervisor
  580. Anonymous, Librarian, University of Pennsylvania
  581. Anonymous, Librarian, University of Georgia
  582. Sandy Enriquez, Special Collections Public Services, Outreach & Community Engagement Librarian, UC Riverside
  583. Azatuhi Babayan, University of Southern California Digital Library
  584. Phoebe Lin, PhD Student, Human Development and Social Policy, Northwestern University
  585. Jacy Tackett, Graduate Student Worker, German Studies, Cornell University
  586. Alana Sullivan, Alumni, Cornell University
  587. Kaitlin Emmanuel, PhD Candidate, History of Art, Cornell University
  588. William Holt, Alumni, TC3
  589. Anonymous, Grad Student, Cornell University
  590. Margaret Ball, Alumni, Cornell University
  591. Wayles Browne, Retired, Cornell University
  592. Anonymous, Student, Cornell University
  593. Patricia Rodriguez, Politics, Ithaca College
  594. Anonymous, Staff, Ithaca College
  595. Randy Hendrickson, Staff, Performing & Media Arts, Cornell University
  596. Dr. Susan Caswell, MSW, PhD
  597. Risa Lieberwitz, Professor, Cornell University
  598. Anonymous, Alum, Cornell University
  599. Alexis Kellner Becker, Assistant Professor of English, Ithaca College; Alumna, Harvard University; Alumna, University of Chicago
  600. Russell Rickford, History Department, Cornell University
  601. Anonymous, Student, Northwestern University
  602. Anonymous, Librarian; Alum, Barnard College
  603. Theresa Alt Long, Former Library Staff, Cornell University
  604. John Proios Ph.D. Candidate, Philosophy, Cornell University
  605. Jessi Webb, Outsider Artist
  606. Claudio Rivera, Assistant Professor, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University
  607. Stephanie Knezz, Assistant Professor of Instruction, Northwestern University
  608. Noah Lloyd, PhD. Candidate, Cornell University
  609. Shawn Smith, Assistant Professor, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University
  610. Anonymous, Faculty, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
  611. Elizabeth Goetz, Adjunct assistant professor, English, New York City College of Technology, City University of New York
  612. Samantha Pellegrino, PhD student, Islamic Studies, University of Chicago Divinity School
  613. Helen Malley, Undergraduate, History, University of Chicago
  614. David Woken, Latin American and Caribbean Studies Librarian, University of Chicago
  615. Alexandra O’Neill, Reference Assistant, Research and Learning Services, Olin Library, Cornell University
  616. Spencer Beswick, PhD Candidate, History, Cornell University
  617. Nathaniel Moore, Archivist, University of California Berkeley
  618. Maia Johnson, undergraduate student
  619. Anonymous, Library staff, University of Chicago
  620. Anonymous, Library Patron
  621. Anonymous, Student, Muhlenberg College
  622. Anonymous, Librarian
  623. Anonymous, Librarian, Cornell University Library
  624. LaDonna Pierce, Johns Hopkins University
  625. Rowanne Dean, PhD Student, Art History, University of Chicago
  626. Anonymous, Alumni, Rochester Institute of Technology
  627. David James Hudson, Associate Librarian, University of Guelph
  628. Cameron Cook, Student, Northwestern University
  629. Curtis D., Student, Northwestern University
  630. Emily Lyon, Graduate Worker, Northwestern University
  631. Nina Li Coomes, MFA MA Student, Northwestern University
  632. Emily Kamm, PhD Student, History, Northwestern University
  633. Glory Aliu, Northwestern University
  634. Kyle Craig, Northwestern University
  635. Lydia Weir, Student, Northwestern University
  636. Aireale J Rodgers, Alumna, SESP ’10 and ’18, Northwestern University
  637. Anonymous, Student, Northwestern University
  638. Nala Bishop, Student, Northwestern University
  639. Amelia L., Alum, Northwestern University
  640. Raina Bhagat, Comparative Literary Studies, Northwestern University
  641. Addie Shrodes, PhD Candidate, Learning Sciences, Northwestern University
  642. Eden Berke, Student, SESP, Northwestern University
  643. Andrene Wright, Northwestern University
  644. Julia Mkrtychian, Student, Northwestern University
  645. Alonso Cisneros, Student, Northwestern University
  646. Anonymous, Student, Northwestern University
  647. Anonymous, Student, Northwestern University
  648. Anonymous, Student, McCormick, Northwestern University
  649. m c kubiak
  650. Daniela Maria Raillard, PhD Student, Department of Anthropology, Northwestern University
  651. Stephen Monteiro, Business Admin, Political Science, Northwestern University
  652. Kalen Luciano, Student, Northwestern University
  653. Alex Harrison, Student, Medill, Northwestern University
  654. Delaney Nelson, Student, Northwestern University
  655. Alyssa Sandefer, Student, Cornell University
  656. Jeanette Rojas, Student, SoC, Northwestern University
  657. Renee Grotthuss, Student, Northwestern University
  658. Anonymous, Student, Northwestern University
  659. Anonymous, Student, Northwestern University
  660. Casey Robert Goonan, Doctoral Candidate, African-American Studies Program
  661. Jeremy Bell, Student, Northwestern University
  662. Lauren Washington, Northwestern University
  663. Isaiah Frank, Student, Northwestern University,
  664. Emily Wang, Student, Northwestern University
  665. Anri Brod, Alumni, Northwestern University; LIS Student, UIUC
  666. Emma Kennedy, Graduate Worker, Northwestern University
  667. Puck Orabel, SPS, Northwestern University
  668. Valeria Apolinario, Northwestern University
  669. Anonymous, Library User, Northwestern University
  670. Joshua Bobbitt, Student, Weinberg, Northwestern University
  671. Anonymous, Student, Northwestern University
  672. Anonymous, Librarian, Boston College
  673. Eleanor Ellis, Student, Northwestern University
  674. Patrick Wu, Student, Northwestern University
  675. Michael-Ellen Walden, Student, Northwestern University
  676. Rachel Kwak, Student, Northwestern University
  677. Anonymous, Alumna & Staff Member, Divinity School, University of Chicago
  678. Katy Rawdon, Coordinator of Technical Services, Special Collections Research Center, Temple University
  679. Shannon Tharp, University of Denver Libraries
  680. Anonymous, Alum, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Northwestern University
  681. Marjorie Bryer, Archivist, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley
  682. Kit Garton, Alum, iSchool, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  683. Patricia K. Thurston, Yale University
  684. Mara Caelin, Catalog Assistant, Yale University
  685. Ethan Gates, Software Preservation Analyst, Yale University Library
  686. Stephen Goeman, Digital Cataloging Assistant, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University
  687. Stephen Ross, Public Services Manager, Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library
  688. Anna Franz, Assistant Head of Access Services, Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University
  689. Stephanie Bredbenner, Archivist, Yale University
  690. Tsee Yung Lee, Alumni
  691. Anonymous, Staff, Yale University Library
  692. Ellen Cordes, Lewis Walpole Library
  693. Rebecca Hatcher, Preservation Coordination Librarian, Beinecke Library, Yale University
  694. Dana Haugh, Web Librarian, Yale University
  695. Anonymous, Librarian, University of California, Merced
  696. Henry Jacob, Editor in Chief of The Yale Historical Review, Yale University
  697. Emily Horning, Director of Undergraduate Programs, Yale University Library
  698. Chelsea Connelly, PhD Candidate, Yale University
  699. Soli Johnson, Library Services Assistant
  700. Kassidi Jones, Yale, African American Studies and English Ph.D. Student
  701. Gavriella Levy Haskell, PhD Candidate, History of Art
  702. Nathalie Miraval, Yale University
  703. Lucy Hunter, PhD Candidate, History of Art Department, Yale University
  704. Unison Kelner, Yale University (Front Line Services Assistant, Access Services)
  705. Trip Kirkpatrick, Yale University Library staff member and Yale College alumnus
  706. Caroline Pryor, student, Yale University
  707. Alexandra M. Thomas, PhD Student, African American Studies/History of Art, Yale University
  708. Pooja Sen, PhD Candidate, Yale University
  709. Isabella Shey Robbins, PhD Student, Yale History of Art
  710. Harry Burke, PhD student, History of Art, Yale University
  711. Erica M. Johns, Head of Research Services, Mann Library, Cornell University
  712. Lillian Castillo-Speed, Librarian, UC Berkeley
  713. Anonymous, Student, Yale College
  714. Sharon Mizbani, PhD student, History of Art, Yale University
  715. John Daoud, Undergraduate Student, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Yale University
  716. Michael Engle, Reference & Instruction Librarian, Cornell University Library
  717. Rashke Bradley, Student, Cornell University
  718. Anonymous, Graduate Student, English, Yale University
  719. Kate Bronfenbrenner, Senior Lecturer, Cornell ILR
  720. Anonymous, Associate Professor, Cornell University
  721. Shannon Gleeson, Cornell University
  722. Vilma Santiago-Irizarry, Anthropology and Latinx Studies, Cornell University
  723. Christy Bailey-Tomecek, Project Archivist, Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies, Yale University
  724. David Staniunas, Archivist, Presbyterian Historical Society, Philadelphia PA
  725. Andrew Campana, Assistant Professor of Asian Studies, Cornell University
  726. Mara Caelin, Catalog Assistant, Yale University
  727. Kate Werwie, PhD Candidate, History of Art, Yale University
  728. Jessica Quagliaroli, Architecture Records Archivist, Yale University
  729. Raines Whittaker, MLIS student, University of Alabama
  730. Anonymous, Faculty or Staff member, Yale University
  731. Anonymous, Library Patron and Alumni, University of Chicago
  732. Shimon Edelman, Professor of Psychology, Cornell University
  733. Melissa Morrone, Brooklyn Public Library, Alumna of Columbia University
  734. Ellen Cordes, Lewis Walpole Library
  735. Leah Cover, Librarian, Spalding University
  736. Anne Wells, Audiovisual Archivist, Special Collections Technical Services, UNC Chapel Hill Libraries
  737. Mia Bruner, Research and Instruction Librarian, Sarah Lawrence College
  738. Katherine Sorresso, Processing Archivist, New York Transit Museum
  739. Anonymous, Librarian, Harvard Law School Library
  740. Alison Cole, Scholarly Communications and Outreach Librarian, Felician University
  741. Gina Elbert, Alumna, Pratt School of Information
  742. Anonymous, Former Librarian, Brooklyn Historical Society
  743. Jason Kruse, Undergraduate Engagement Librarian & Sociology Librarian, Northwestern University Libraries
  744. Jared Schlar, Northeastern University
  745. Anonymous, Library user, Cornell University
  746. Anonymous, Library user, Cornell University
  747. Carl Gelderloos, Associate Professor of German Studies, Binghamton University
  748. Adam Roth Singerman, PhD, Linguistics, former postdoctoral Humanities Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago
  749. Kian Flynn, University of Washington Libraries
  750. Roberto A. Sarmiento, Head, Transportation Library, Northwestern University
  751. Samantha Abrams, Librarian, Columbia University
  752. Michael Adams, Library Staff, Columbia University
  753. Tara Craig, Head of Public Services, Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Columbia University
  754. Cydney Cottman, Library Staff, Columbia University
  755. Em Ordway, Technical Assistant, Columbia University Libraries
  756. William Willis, Library Assistant, Stacks Maintenance Unit, Columbia University Law Library
  757. Emily Runde, Curator of Medieval and Renaissance Collections, Columbia University
  758. Kristina Vela Bisbee, Journalism and Government Information Librarian, Columbia University
  759. Nancy Wolfe, Preservation, Columbia University Libraries
  760. Hana Rivers, Post Baccalaureate Fellow, Barnard College
  761. Kaz Tomozawa, Alumni, Columbia University School of General Studies
  762. Anonymous, Alumni, Barnard College
  763. Alli Billings, Columbia University Libraries
  764. Kathryn Pope, Digital Repository Manager, Digital Scholarship, Columbia University Libraries
  765. Siri Gannholm, Barnard College
  766. Celeste Brewer, Processing Archivist, Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University
  767. Sophie Leveque, Research Support Librarian, Columbia University
  768. Anonymous, Alumni and Library Worker
  769. Jennie Correia, Librarian, Barnard College
  770. Mia Ciallella, Aluma and Librarian, Barnard College
  771. Aneil Rallin, Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Composition, Soka University of America
  772. Erika Higbee, UC Berkeley, Graduate Student, Department of English
  773. Alaina Nugent, UC Merced
  774. Dan Reiser, Student, Barnard College
  775. Yevan Terrien, University of Pittsburgh
  776. Lauren E. DeVoe, Order and Continuing Resources Librarian, Columbia University Libraries
  777. Jake Arlow, Alumni, Barnard College
  778. Fiona Noring, Alumn, Columbia University
  779. Kalena Chiu, Student, Barnard College/Columbia University
  780. Eliza Siegel, Student, Barnard College
  781. Cassidy Leverett, Alumni, Barnard College
  782. Alexa Silverman, Student, Barnard College
  783. Eliza Ducnuigeen, Student, Barnard College
  784. Laura Booth, Alumni, Columbia University
  785. Ilea Franklin, Library Assistant, Columbia University
  786. Chris Warren, Alumnus, Brown University
  787. Anonymous, Staff, Columbia University
  788. Esther Jackson, Columbia University
  789. Eric Hanson, Metadata Operations Engineer, MIT Libraries
  790. Danielle Cotrone, Staff, Northwestern University Libraries
  791. Isabel Yannatos, Student, Biomedical Graduate Studies, University of Pennsylvania
  792. Anonymous, Librarian, Cleveland Public Library
  793. Alejandra Perez, Library Assistant, Columbia University; MLIS student, Pratt Institute
  794. Timothy Ryan Mendenhall, Metadata Librarian, Columbia University Libraries
  795. Anonymous, Faculty, Columbia Law Library
  796. Alicia Peaker, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Barnard College
  797. Timothy Garrison, Cataloging Assistant, University of Chicago
  798. Anonymous, Library User
  799. Amy Swartz, Systems Librarian, Columbia University
  800. Michaela Dwyer, Community Engagement Coordinator, Duke Performances, Duke University
  801. Kyle Minton, Public Library Assistant
  802. Anonymous, Cary Regional Library
  803. Anonymous, Jeffco Public Library
  804. Anonumous, Public Librarian, Illinois
  805. Agustina Quesada, Alum, Johns Hopkins University
  806. Judy Kim, Postdoctoral Fellow, Psychology, Yale University



AbLA Ivy+

A group of abolitionist librarians from so-called Ivy+ universities